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M15 Exam

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Video: Data Networks, Exam

How to register for the Exam

  1. Read the instructions below before registering for the exam
  2. Click this link to register:
    • Exam open from 23th May 2024 to 11th of August 2024
  3. You can use the software on the computer with pen and paper
    • please throw the paper after the exam into the trashbins at the exam site
  4. Go and do the exam, results will be visible to you once you've completed the exam
    • Passed; Congratulations! Answer the course Feedback!
    • Not passed; read the material, practice with exercises and re-register for the exam

Exam studio instructions

Exam preparations for students that can't reach the Exam system

If you cannot make it to the Exam system ; here is an alternative way to complete the exam.

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