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Schedule for ZJA20STIPV

Changes to the schedule shall be informed through this pages and in Microsoft Teams.

The course is schedule and material could be gone through as follows (but tighter schedules might occur):

Week Day Time Other Materials Exercises
36 Saturday 8.15 - 11.15 D327 Course info
Introduction to Data Networks
E00 Installing requirements
E01 Making Your First Virtual Machine
37 Guidance in Teams - Ethernet, VLANs and Switching E02 First Switches
38 Guidance in Teams - IPv4 Addresses, Subnetting and ARP E03 Calculating Subnets
E04 Addressing Devices
39 Guidance in Teams - DHCP and Static Routing E05 Configuring DHCP and Static Routing
40 Guidance in Teams Saharinen @ Reserve Training Devices and Cabling E06 The Physical Part
41 Friday 15.30 - 19.00 D327 Loop Detection, part 1 - Ethernet, Spanning-Tree E07 Configuring STP
42 Guidance in Teams - Self-study week ...
43 Guidance in Teams - Loop Detection, part 2 - IPv4, Routing E08 Configuring OSPF
44 Guidance in Teams - Network Segmentation and Firewalls E09 Configuring Firewalls
45 Guidance in Teams - IPv4 Network Address Translation E10 Configuring NAT
46 Friday 12.15 - 15.00 D327 TCP, UDP and Controlling our Network Configuration (SSH, HTTP) E11 Measuring TCP and UDP
E12 Controlling Network Configuration
47 Guidance in Teams - Servers, End Devices and WLANs E13 Configuring Apache for Distributing Resources, E14 Creating Wireless Connectivity
48 Guidance in Teams - Domain Name System E15 Configuring Basic DNS Functionality
49 Guidance in Teams - IPv6 Addresses E16 Making Things Dual-Stack
50 Guidance in Teams - Border Gateway Protocol E17 Welcome to the Internet, I'll be your guide
51 Reserve the time yourself Exam system [Exam[( E18 Course Feedback