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E16 Making Things Dual-Stack

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Student number and parameters of the calculations

Your student number at JAMK/Peppi follows the following model: vvxyzki (e.g. 2092345)

You can find it in

  1. Login into
  2. Move your mouse over Opintoni and press Opintosuunnittelu (eHOPS)
  3. Select the tab Opintojen valinta
  4. On the right you can see Opiskelijanumero: <and your student number in peppi>
  5. write down your student number in peppi for this exercise :)

Older students (account made before 2020 autumn) have to use the following logic

Your student number follows the following model: Letter xyzk (e.g. M4233)`

Form the IPv6 address by: * 2001:<xy>:<zk>:<subnets>::/64

Use your own student number to form your IPv6 address space:

  • 2001:<vvxy>:<zki>:<subnets>::/64

For example vvxyzki (e.g. 2092345):


Thus the address range would be 2001:2092:345:0::/64 - 2001:2092:345:ffff::/64. That also could be mentioned as 2001:2092:345::/48.

Assign subnets to the topology

As you have 2^16 = 65 535 subnets, you are quite free to distribute them into your topology.

Draw an IPv6 subnet plan on how you assign your subnets.

Addressing the devices

Addressing manually

On this course we do not concentrate on dynamic allocation of IPv6 addresses. Thus,

  1. Address Lubuntu's manually
  2. Address Routers (Vyosses) manually

Dynamic Routing for IPv6 - OSPFv3

  1. Enable OSPFv3 on all the interfaces of the Vyos routers
  2. Check the show ipv6 route -command

Warning: OSPFv3 needs to be allowed through the firewall!

If you have the firewall on in R3, you have to allow the OSPFv3 through it.

set firewall ipv6-name <name> rule 10 protocol ospf

Or just disable the firewall

Testing the environment

  1. Test your end devices connectivity through IPv6 by

    • ping 2001:<vvxy>:<zki>:<subnets>:<lubuntu ipv6 address>
    • traceroute6 -n 2001:<vvxy>:<zki>:<subnets>:<lubuntu ipv6 address>
    • http://[2001:<vvxy>:<zki>:<subnets>:<lubuntu ipv6 address>]
  2. Document the results to your repository

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This course and its materials are written by Karo Saharinen and licenced by Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license.

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