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E15 Configuring Basic DNS Functionality

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STEP 1 - DNS on the Internet

  1. Change your Lubuntu VM to bridged interface
  2. Start to wireshark your ethernet port on the Lubuntu VM
  3. In the terminal, use the dig +trace -command
  4. Stop the wireshark
  5. Save the output of the dig +trace command and investigate the results.
  6. Screenshot relevant DNS packet contents and write how the IPv4 address of was found to your documentation

STEP 2 - DNS in the topology

  1. Change your Lubuntu VM to the correct internal network in your topology
  2. Ensure your workstation gets an IPv4 address
  3. In the terminal, Edit /etc/hosts (e.g. sudo nano /etc/hosts)
  4. Add records to /etc/hosts for
    1. lubuntus (e.g. ` lubuntu1.firstname.lastname)
    2. router loopbacks
    3. switches
  5. Test out SSH/HTTP/ping to the given domain names (e.g. lubuntu1.firstname.lastname)
  6. Do a traceroute --resolve-hostnames lubuntu1.firstname.lastname

Document the steps and the results to your repository.

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