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E14 Creating Wireless Connectivity

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Video: Instructions for E14

2 different options to complete the exercise

  1. Option 1: Attach a wlan basestation to your virtualized data network environment
  2. Option 2: Hotspot + WLAN -analysator

Both are of same value, thus select which one you will do.

Exercise Assignment

Based on your options, your assignment is one of the following (click the tabs):

OPTION 1 - Bridging Ethernet to WLAN basestation

This requires a physical WLAN basestation at your use

The school has a few, but this can be done with your own equipment also! You don't have to buy anything...

Attach a wlan basestation to your Data Networks -environment according to the topology.


  1. Add an adapter to R1 which is bridged to your physical computer's (wired) Ethernet port
  2. Configure an IPv4 subnet to the new ethX interface of R1
  3. Add an DHCP server configuration to the subnet
    • The WLAN basestation needs an IPv4 address from your environment to its WAN port
  4. Use a cable to connect your WLAN basestation WAN port to the physical computer's wired Ethernet port
  5. Add your mobile phone to the WLAN and try to traceroute/ping/browse your Lubuntu VM's IPv4 address
    • Terminal Emulator software for the ping/traceroute
    • Use your browser on the mobile phone as usual, but fill in the IPv4 address in the address field

The topology should look like below


Document the process, relevant screenshots and your design documents (topology, physical environment) and so on to the repository.

OPTION 2 - WLAN -analysator of home network & Hotspot investigations

Investigate your own home WLAN (or nearby WLAN's).

  1. Use an WLAN analyzer to investigate the channel usage
WLAN analyzer usage


WLAN Analyzer software (for Android)


WLAN Analyzer software (for Windows 10)

WiFi Analyzer from Microsoft Store

  1. Access your WLAN basestation management panel through the LAN connections (or android/iphone hotspot)

    • Typically the IP address of your home subnet is 192.168.x.y/24... investigate
    • What is the default gateway of the devices connected to WLAN or LAN?
    • Try to access your WLAN basestation with your browser by using HTTP/HTTPS to the default gateway IP address
    • Find out the login information (quite often the defalt passwords of the device :( )
  2. Investigate the management panel of your WLAN basestation (or android/iphone hotspot)

    • what channel? Can it be changed to a more "free" channel (based on step 1 findings)?
    • What subnet? Can it be adjusted?
    • What is the DHCP server? Can it be adjusted?
    • What WLAN settings can be modified?

Screenshot, draw and document the investigation process of your home network.

Info: Mobile Phone hotspots might be more limited in management/options, but it is a learning process to research them!

If you want you can research both :)

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