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E12 Controlling Network Configuration

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Video: Instructions for E12

Configuration management

This will be done via In-Band Management.

Configuration files

  1. Collect your configuration from all of the network devices in your topology

  2. Save them as separate text files

  3. Save the configuration with the following logic to your repository

    • /E12/E12-[devicename].cfg
  4. Make a link (e.g. with list) to each of the files in your

  5. Copy the configuration files and links as you go forward to E13 and so on...

    • Keep them up-to-date as you progress through the exercises (/E13/ changes have to be visible in them)

Test the HTTP support of the vyos.ova and switch.ova

  1. Enable the web interface of

    • one switch
    • one router
  2. Use an Lubuntu VM to connect to that IP address with a browser

  3. Login using the same credentials as in the CLI -console

  4. Answer the question: What can you konfigure through the web portal?

  5. Document/Screencapture the shown management portal

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